SANTA MONICA, CA – Santa Monica businesses will begin receiving 100 percent green power as of May 1, the City of Santa Monica announced.The City, through the Clean Power Alliance, introduced residents to green power in February 2019. Electricity delivery and billing will remain with Southern California Edison (SCE) through the change, but business customers will have a choice of three Clean Power Alliance energy plans derived from 100 percent carbon-free energy sources, the City press release said.City officials said this transition will have a large impact on reducing Santa Monica’s greenhouse gas emissions. This change marks the final transition for about three million customers across 31 jurisdictions in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

“Santa Monica’s business community has long championed sustainable practices and now they get to continue to model what it means to be a green business,” Mayor Gleam Davis said in a statement. “We are a greener, healthier city because our businesses lead on climate change.”

Santa Monica businesses account for 75 percent of communitywide electricity demand. By switching to 100 percent green power, Santa Monica businesses will continue to be leaders and innovation while “significantly driving down greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change,” the City said.

“Based on what we have seen with our residential rollout, where 95 percent of customers committed to 100 percent green power, we are confident that the business community will take pride in our new green energy mix and work to keep the renewable levels as high as possible,” Santa Monica’s Chief Sustainability Officer Dean Kubani said in a statement.

According to City officials, all green power is derived from non-fossil fuel, is non-nuclear, and plans offer the highest percentage of green power possible on the grid today. The three power plans offer a range in price and in the percentage of energy derived from renewable sources – they can be adjusted freely without restriction. Energy plans range from 100 percent, 50 percent, and 36 percent renewable power. Santa Monica selected the “100 percent green power” plan as the default for all businesses, which means businesses will automatically be enrolled in 100 percent renewable unless they select a different plan, the press release said.

Santa Monica commercial customers will start receiving 100 percent Green Power in May 2019, but businesses can choose the Clean Power Alliance plan that’s right for them or opt out completely, the press release said. To speak to the Clean Power Alliance customer service team call 888-585-3788 or email [email protected] To learn more about the Clean Power Alliance, visit the website.