Our Story


When we started selling the homes for sale in Marina Del Rey, we were representing one of the best builders ever to build there — Cliff Rome & Associates. I opened Silver Strand Realty and Ty and I started working out of trailers in 1989 just as housing was taking a downward turn. Selling million dollar homes in a declining market was no easy feat but with a product like Rome’s it made it a little easier as the craftsmanship of these fine homes stood out in the sea of generic builders. We worked out of trailers facing the main channel of the marina – not a bad view and it made me appreciate Southern California all the more. Coming from London England where rain is a way of life, every day in Los Angeles is a holiday.

We were so successful selling all the homes and vacant lots that Rome and Associates had for sale that other builders and homeowners were soon asking us to represent them in their home sales. From 1989-2015 we sold more homes in the Silver Strand, Marina del Rey than any other agent. In many of those years we sold more than all the agents combined! We soon moved our entire operation and Silver Strand Realty into Prudential Realty, which ultimately became Coldwell Banker. And now we have formed an exciting partnership with Gibson International.

As the Previews director and Venice / Venice Canals real estate agent, Marina del Rey real estate agent, Playa del Rey real estate agent, and Westchester real estate agent, I provided exclusive information to the company about area sales and insider information on what’s going on in the neighborhoods. Having gone through the slow home sales of the early 90’s, the craziness of the 2000’s, and our current buyer friendly climate, we are well equipped to deal with the recession and are quick to alert our clients as to how we can best maximize their home, townhome, condo, commerical property, or loft to get it sold in this vast land of Los Angeles real estate, westside real estate, Venice real estate, Santa Monica real estate, Marina del Rey real estate, Mar Vista real estate, Beverly Hills real estate, and Playa del Rey real estate, respectively.

Beach communities encompass quite a few areas including Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Mar Vista, Playa Del Rey, Westchester all the way down to Manhattan beach. Each one of these fine communities has their special appeal. Family neghiborhoods like Mar Vista offer good schools and homes at prices ranging from $500,000- $2 million. Some have great architecture and still a short driving distance to the beach.

Venice offers diverse neighborhoods like the historic Venice Canals and the famous walk streets of Venice within easy walking distance to the beach. Santa Monica with both traditional and eclectic neighborhoods offer fine schools and large family style neighborhoods, good shopping on the 3rd street promenade and just 15 minutes to Beverly Hills and 5 minutes to the beach. Downtown is easy with the 10 freeway giving you a 20 minute drive to downtown if traffic permits. The sleepy town of Playa Del Rey has managed over the years to keep that old town charm as a really interesting beach side community, as a stark contrast to the Playa Vista complex just down the street with its wonderfully diverse architecture in both single-family homes and condos. They even have shops, restaurants and a library inside the Playa Vista complex in what has developed into an entirely unique community.